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ProLash Curler

Sale price$21.00

Get ready for gorgeous, curled lashes with Dose of Lashes ProLash Curler! This specially designed curler delivers a precise curl and lift along the entire curve of the lash line. The handle is designed to be comfortable to hold, while the soft silicone pad protects your lashes from damage.

This curler comes with a specialised comb attachment that guides your individual lashes into a stunning curl with just a single squeeze! The moulded handles are designed with a curve to allow your fingers to rest securely and comfortably while curling your lashes. The lifetime lash pad is designed to last the lifetime of the product, so you don't have to worry about replacing it. Made of stainless steel and non-crimping, this eyelash curler is the perfect tool for achieving stunning, curled lashes every time.

ProLash Curler - Dose of Lashes
ProLash Curler Sale price$21.00