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Article: Which makeup brushes are best?

Which makeup brushes are best? - Dose of Lashes

Which makeup brushes are best?

They say a bad workman never blames his tools. But let’s face it – would Vincent have done such a good job of those sunflowers if he’d just used his fingers?

The best makeup brushes currently available

In a similar vein…

When it comes to painting your face, good makeup brushes can be the difference between a slapdash look and a pro-level finish. Whether you’re shopping for your first bundle or upgrading your existing toolkit, it’s important to do your homework and invest in the best set.

The question is – which is that?

Hundreds of brands are now available to choose from, so it can be pretty tricky to know which an expert MUA would approve of. But at Dose of Lashes, we reckon we have the answer.

DOL 'Power in the Blend' makeup brushes

Earlier this year, we branched out into the beautiful world of brushes, launching two new ‘Power in the Blend’ sets – one containing 10 pieces, the other 30. Perhaps you could call us biased, but we spent a lot of time perfecting these bad boys. And we hand on heart believe they’re the best makeup brushes currently available.

Here’s why.

DOL ‘Power in the Blend’ – the best makeup brushes for 2022

1. A full kit

Whether you’re a blending beginner or an expert artist, our brush sets have you covered. In fact, they’ll leave you feeling very well equipped.

Each set contains an assortment of the ‘essentials’ for your face, lips and eyes – the makeup brushes that you simply can’t live without. Buffers. Blushers. Shaders. Blenders. Everything you could possibly need to create both au naturale daytime looks and statement styles for those evening soirees.

And as they’re expertly compiled into a set, they cost less than they would to buy individually.


2. Seriously soft

We understood the assignment.

The best makeup brushes always feature the softest, highest quality bristles. Which is why, we took our time (12 months, to be precise) to source the finest synthetic hairs and perfect the design of each brush head – ensuring they are as super soft, fluffy and gentle on the skin as possible.

Forget about unsightly patches and streaks. Thanks to the bristles on our brushes, you can expect smooth, evenly distributed makeup every time. And the best bit? They never shed!


3. 100% vegan

All of our makeup brushes are made from synthetic fibres.

Not only does that mean they’re incredibly durable, they’re also really easy to keep clean and – most importantly – they’re completely vegan and cruelty-free. No need to apply your powder in the morning with a heavy heart. With our brushes, you can slap it on with a crystal clear conscience.


4. Pocket-friendly

Generally speaking, the cost of a makeup brush will reflect the time it took for it to be designed – and you get what you pay for. But that doesn’t mean you need to splurge on the dearest available.

DOL makeup brushes hit the goldilocks spot perfectly.

A lot of thought and consideration went into their design (they took over a year to create!). They’re made from the highest quality materials, with soft hairs and ergonomic weighted handles. Yet they’re still available for an affordable price. Perfect for creating a professional look on a budget.


5. Pretty in pink

Not only will they help to achieve a flawless look – every time, without fail – our brushes are pink!

Enough said.

Best makeup brushes set

Fancy giving them a go?

Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

In fact, you may as well just throw away your old brushes now.

Treat yourself to the best makeup brush sets by DOL. Your days of unevenly blended, cakey or patchy makeup will be strictly in the past. And we guarantee, you’ll never look back…

Our Insta page is full of glowing reviews – about both our makeup brushes and falsies – so why not take a little look? And if you have any questions, you’re always welcome to get in touch. We’re a friendly team of two and always happy to help. Just fill out the form and we’ll respond ASAP.

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