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Article: The DOL makeup brush guide

The DOL makeup brush guide - Dose of Lashes

The DOL makeup brush guide

Slather on the CC cream like it’s finger paint?

Use the same brush for every single powder?

Apply lipstick like a toddler?

Hang your head in shame - that's absolutely outrageous! 

Just kidding. When it comes to makeup brushes, most of us are pretty clueless.

Those soft-bristled tools should be your best friend. They’re just as important as the makeup you’re applying, if not more. But with so many options to choose from – all of which look pretty similar – it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Even if you’ve been putting on slap for decades!

To help set you on the right track, here we’ve whittled things down and made a list of 10 makeup brush essentials. The few ‘basic necessities’ that should always be present in your cosmetics bag.

Disclaimer: coincidentally, these are the 10 brushes featured in our Power in the Blend set 👀.

Dose of Lashes - Makeup Brushes

Our ultimate makeup brush line-up


Meet the full coverage face brush, ideal for applying liquid and powder foundation.

A flat top buffer is what it says on the tin. A flat-topped brush, with relatively short and densely packed bristles – which are designed to apply just the right amount of product and create an even, ultra-polished complexion. Use either dry or damp for a quick, easy application of your base layer.



Whether you’re a fan of translucent or coloured powder, a powder brush is an absolute must.

These are multipurpose rounded brushes, with big, fluffy and flexible bristles. In fact, the more fluffy and flexible they are, the better – making it easier for you to apply your chosen powder to those pesky shine-zones, without adding too much product (and accidentally baking your face!).

Sweep and blend those setting powders to create a perfect airbrushed look. 



Powder highlighter, powder blush, bronzer.

This is a makeup brush for all those contouring essentials.

Its broad, flat shape allows powdered formulas to be applied with ease across the entire face, whilst the tapered edge ensures precision exactly where it’s needed. Highlight the cheekbones, play with light and shadow, and enhance and define your facial framework like a master MUA.

With this fluffy tool in your kit, makeup contouring doesn’t seem so scary.



Similar to a flat top buffer, just smaller.

The baby buffer is designed to access hard-to-reach areas, making it perfect for applying that hero concealer you just can’t live without. Use the super soft, flat top bristles to target ‘problem’ areas – we’re talking dark circles under the eyes, blemishes on the chin, etc. – and blend and tap lightly.

If fresh, bright skin is your vibe, you need this makeup brush on your side.   



One that you definitely want in your collection.

The large fluffy shader is the perfect eye shadow brush.

Thanks to its super soft bristles and full, rounded shape, it holds powdered products well – making it much easier to apply your favourite shadow and achieve an even, seamless finish. No creases visible. Just keep sweeping back and forth to build up the colour and create a bold, impactful look.

Makeup Brushes from Dose of Lashes


Another must-have eye shadow brush.

Designed for greater precision, the fluffy yet short and tapered bristles allow for greater control of your powdered shadow – ensuring it goes exactly where you want it. Slotting straight into the crease of the eye, it’s a pro at blending shadows and buffing harsh lines for a smooth finish.

Whether you’re mixing shades or nailing a halo effect, the tall tapered blender is your go-to.



A versatile little thing.

This is yet another essential makeup brush for your peepers, perfect for getting right into the corners – applying colour with precision and drawing thin, straight lines. So, if you enjoy experimenting with intricate shadow trends – think doe eye, cut crease, winged liner – this is the makeup brush for you.

But it’s not just reserved for the eyes. The small angled blender is suitable for your lips and brows, too. Dip the tip into your favourite colours, steady your hand and create a masterpiece.



Firm, tapered and stiff.

The bristles of the angled brow makeup brush are designed to simplify the process of applying brow colour – whether it’s in powder, liquid or cream form. Just start at the inner corner of the brow and use short, careful strokes to fill in the brows and create a precisely shaped and defined look.



Another small, tightly packed makeup brush.

A lip liner is an indispensable tool for achieving flawless lip colour. Serving up greater control, it allows you to accurately trace the contours of your lips – adding depth and definition – and build up the colour as much as you like (which can be pretty difficult when applying lip colour directly!).

Transfer from the stick to the brush and pucker up like a profesh.



Last but not least, this is the slimmest makeup brush of the bunch.

With its sharply tapered head and firm bristles, the fine eyeliner is intended for use with gel eyeliners and dampened powder eye shadows – perfect for creating a crisp, fine line above the lash.

Try it once and it’s guaranteed to become your secret weapon for chic winged and cat-eye looks.

Makeup Brushes from Dose of Lashes

Discover the Power in the Blend

Need to add all of the above to your makeup bag?

No worries. Here at Dose of Lashes, we’ve grouped these essential tools together in one handy makeup brush setPower in the Blend.

Forget about stocking up on dozens of brushes that all look the same (and do the same thing). Forget about paying for them individually and slipping slowly into your overdraft. Forget about slapping on your foundation with your fingers or using the same brush for every job.

Featuring all 10 face, lip and eye brushes mentioned in our line-up, our stunning set has everything you’ll ever need to level up your makeup game and create both natural day-to-day glow-ups and glam evening looks. So why not treat yourself?

Buy yours today, wield those tools like a master MUA, and discover the power in the blend.

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