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Article: The DOL guide to essential eyelash tools

The DOL guide to essential eyelash tools - Dose of Lashes

The DOL guide to essential eyelash tools

Struggling to master the art of putting on falsies?

Here’s our question – do you have the right kit?

The importance of having the correct eyelash tools cannot be overstated.

Not only do they streamline and simplify the process, they ensure greater control and precision, and can be the difference between a fiddly and frustrating experience and applying your false lashes like a pro. So why would you make things harder for yourself babe?

Treat yourself to these four essential lash tools.

A lash curler, a pair of precision scissors, a lash applicator and tweezers.

i.e. everything you need to prep the eye area ready for your favourite DOL strip lashes and make sure they’re stuck down, fluffed up and curled to perfection.


4 must-have lash tools for perfect lashes

  1. Lash curler

Why do you need it? To prep the natural lashes for perfection.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

To ensure your strip lashes reach their maximum potential, it’s worth paying your natural lashes some attention first. And an eyelash curler is the easiest way to give them a boost.

It may look a little… intimidating, but it’s actually pretty easy to use. Just open the curler and place the pad at the base of your lashes. Lightly squeeze the handles, holding for around 5 seconds. Then gently move the curler out towards the middle of the lashes.

They’ll be lifted and curled and ready for action.


The DOL Prolash Curler

The DOL Prolash Curler - Dose of Lashes

Specifically designed to prep the natural lashes (for falsies or mascara) and create a full-fanned look.

The Prolash Curler is non-crimping and boasts a specialised comb attachment, which guides your individual lashes into position – with a single squeeze – and delivers a precise lift along the entire lash line.

Created with easy use in mind, why not give this classic lash tool a go? And see how much of a difference it makes to the final results.


  1. Precision scissors

Why do you need them? To give them a little trim.

False lashes are not a one-size-fits-all kinda thing. They almost always need a little adjustment – which means, you’re almost always going to need a pair of lash scissors.

Rest the strip along your lash line, so the inner corner is lined up with the start of your natural lashes. From the outer edge, count 2-4 lashes in (depending on the size of your eye) and create a small pinch mark. Then turn the strip upside down and snip off any excess.

Cut to the correct size, you’ll find your strips are much easier to apply – no lop-sided looks or wayward corners here. And they’re also much more likely to stay where you put them!


DOL Precision Scissors

DOL Precision Scissors - Dose of Lashes

What is there to say?

Featuring a curved sharp blade, our precision scissors do what they say on the tin – they offer precision and will ensure a clean cut every time.

Size up your strips and snip off the excess, for perfectly sized falsies that are made specifically for your eyes.


  1. Lash applicator

Why do you need it? To apply your falsies like an experienced lash tech.

Fumbling around with your fingers isn’t going to work.

No matter how dainty and dexterous your hands may be, it’s virtually impossible to reach the inner and outer corners of your eyes – and get a good fit – without some sort of lash tool. Plus, as falsies are so delicate, it’s pretty easy to damage them in this way – even if you’re super gentle.  

That’s why, we’d say a good-quality lash applicator is the backbone of any lash kit.

Specially designed with a curved edge and wide-set handles, an applicator will allow you to hold the strip lash carefully and securely – then position and apply it as close as possible to the lash line. Speeding up the application process and ensuring a neat, natural-looking finish. 

DOL Lash Applicator

DOL Lash Applicator - Dose of Lashes

Fingers need not apply. Not when the DOL Lash Applicator is available, and far more capable for the job.

Featuring a curved tip and comfortable handles, it will help you apply your fave lashes with ease and accuracy.

It’s easy to use and a fool-proof way to get salon-level results (even as a beginner) – without a shaky hand or messy slip-up in sight.


  1. Precision tweezers

Why do you need them? To finish the job properly.

Not just for plucking the brows, tweezers are also a must-have eyelash tool.

Once you’ve used a lash applicator to apply your strip lashes, tweezers are a great way to ensure they’re in the perfect position – closely following the natural curve of the lash line.

Just tweak and titivate until you get them 100% right.

DOL Lash Tweezers

DOL Lash Tweezers

With aligned, slanted tips and textured handles, our lash tweezers are super grippy, super easy to use and super handy for applying falsies and perfecting your look.

Use them to position your strips with speed and accuracy. Then finish the job by pulling out those pesky stray eyebrow hairs!


Time to invest in an eyelash toolkit

The fact is – unless you were born with the innate coordination of a heart surgeon, successful eyelash application requires these basic lash tools.

With the help of our curler, scissors, applicator and tweezers – whether you’re a strip lash beginner or a seasoned falsie lover, whether you take your time or glue them in a rush, and no matter what activities you have planned – you can achieve an unreal look that lasts.

All of our eyelash tools are:


  • Ergonomically designed – which is just a fancy pants way of saying they’re easy to hold. Designed with moulded hands, they provide both comfort and convenience. There’s zero risk of repetitive strain injury, no matter how often you use these bad boys.


  • Simple to use – you don’t need to be a pro to wield these tools. They’re all designed to create stunning results with minimal effort on your behalf.


  • Budget-friendly – affordably priced and designed to last. Our eyelash tools start from the tiny price of just £5 and can be used day after day, no bother.


  • Pretty in pink – they’re pink with rose-gold detailing. Enough said.


Dose of Lashes


Handily, we’ve popped all four together into our DOL Lash Tools Bundle. Available for just £20, this has everything you need to take control of your lash game, create pro-level results and leave people wondering ‘Who’s your lash tech? Because they’re an absolute genius!’.

So why not treat yourself?

Do yourself a favour, stop struggling with lash application and buy yours today. If you have any questions about our eyelash tools and how to use them correctly, you’re also welcome to get in touch. Drop us an online message and we’ll respond ASAP.

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