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Article: Lash bundles: the easy way to find your perfect lash

Lash bundles: the easy way to find your perfect lash - Dose of Lashes

Lash bundles: the easy way to find your perfect lash

Falsies are a bit like a haircut…

Get the right length, shape and style, and they’ll enhance your natural eyes and create the perfect look for both day and night. Get them wrong, and they’ll throw your facial features completely out of balance. But with so many options available, choosing wisely can be tricky.

 Strip lashes included in lash bundles


Here at Dose of Lashes (DOL), we stock around 40 stunning styles (and counting!). And the ‘perfect’ lash for you will depend on two factors:

  • the shape and characteristics of your eyes
  • the look you’d like to achieve (i.e. wispy and natural? bold and fluffy AF? somewhere in between?)

But no need to tax your brain too much.

To make things a little easier, we’ve created a range of handy lash bundles.

Whether you’re a falsie first-timer or simply new to our brand, these are (by far) the best way to avoid a false lash fail. Each eyelash bundle contains at least two of our most popular styles for a fantastic, reduced price. Which means, you can experiment with a few different looks and find your favourite – without maxing your credit card on our full collection.

So why not give one a go? You know you want to.

See which bundle best suits your eyelash goals, try them out, take a few selfies. And be sure to let us know which is your no.1 style by tagging us on Instagram using #doseoflashes.


DOL eyelash bundles

Lash bundle available at Dose of Lashes

Contains: 1 x BADDIE®, 1 x 420, 1 x Dream Liner (Black or Clear)

This is the essential lash bundle for false lash virgins. The perfect starter package.

It consists of two of our most popular styles – BADDIE® and 420 – as well as our revolutionary 2 in 1 Dream Liner in either clear or black. Which makes applying falsies an easy (and pleasurable) experience, even for an absolute beginner!

Test them out for day and night occasions, and make your false lash debut like a pro.


BADDIE lash bundle

Contains: 1 x BADDIE®, 1 x TOXIC, 1 x 420, 1x DRIP

Introduce yourself to the OG squad. A selection of the ones that started it all – the tried-and-tested favourites.

This is a false lash bundle centred around our ultimate best-selling style – BADDIE® – along with three others that tend to be ‘added to basket’ at the same time.

Crafted from mink or faux mink, with either a 3D or 6D clustered design, they’re long and wispy yet lightweight. The kind of lashes that are made for fluttering. And as they’re perfect for all eye shapes, they’re a foolproof choice for false lash newbies.



Contains: 1 x DRIP, 1 x FEVER, 1 x PHOBIA, 1 x SHOOK

Eyelash bundle available at Dose of Lashes

No stranger to the falsies? This mink lashes bundle is an ‘eyes on me’ set of four, perfect for the loud and proud lash addict.

It includes a selection of our top 6D styles.

Made from soft mink and measuring 15mm, they’re extra fluffy, extra full and extra bold. Whether you’re high street shopping, bottomless brunching, or heading ‘out out’, they’ll dial up the drama and take you from ‘wow’ to ‘how!?’

Just pair with our 2 in 1 adhesive liner to elevate your day to night look and create a statement style.



False lash bundle available at Dose of Lashes

Contains: 1 x BADDIE®, 1 x NEW BAE, 1 x PARTY GAL, 1 x UR BFF

Looking for the perfect lashes for 7 days a week? This strip lash bundle has your name on it.

Featuring a selection of our most-wanted 3D faux mink eyelashes, it’s the ideal foursome of styles to add to your morning make-up routine.

Created using our UNYQTM lash technology, they perfectly mimic the stunning wispy ‘mink effect’ – yet are 100% vegan. And they’re a sure-fire way to leave people wondering “how the hell does she get her lashes looking so long and lush!?”.



Pick ‘n’ mix lash bundles

Spotted a few styles that you’d like to try? If the exact combo you’d like doesn’t feature in our bundles, there’s no need to fret. You can pick ‘n’ mix different styles and create a unique lash bundle that’s right for you.

You can choose from bundles of 4, 6, 8 and 10 … or if you really want to treat yourself (and why the hell not?), any 20

Mix and match Russian strip lashes. Compare and contrast 3D and 6D mink. Combine a selection of natural and dramatic styles, for everyday events, nights out and special occasions. It’s up to you. Our ‘make your own’ eyelash bundles are the perfect way to experiment and pinpoint your no.1 favourite DOL lashes – just without crashing into your overdraft.


Example of strip lashes in DOL lash bundle


Got a question?

Our false lash bundles are designed to make finding your favourite style super easy. But if you’re still unsure… or just super indecisive… you’re always welcome to get in touch.

Whether you’ve got a burning question about our styles or would like tailored advice on the best lash bundle to suit your needs and wishes, we’re happy to help and will gladly point you in the right direction. Simply fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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