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Article: How to use a makeup sponge

How to use a makeup sponge - Dose of Lashes

How to use a makeup sponge

Makeup sponges are an absolute game-changer.

Perfect for applying practically everything in your makeup bag – foundation, bb cream, concealer, powder, serum, blush – they’re an essential tool that none of us can live without.

But the question is – are you using it right?

DOL makeup sponge

Mastering the art of the ‘bounce’ can elevate your look and create a flawless finish every time. But use a makeup blender incorrectly, and it’ll tip the scale from hero to zero faster than you can say ‘Ugh, why am I having a breakout!?’.

There’s certainly a knack to it – and here at Dose of Lashes, we’ve got it down to a T. Having launched our very own BADDIE BLENDERS last year, we’re a bit of an expert on this topic. And to help you nail your blending technique, here we’ve created a quick step-by-step guide on how to use a makeup sponge and achieve a smooth, airbrushed look.

Practice makes perfect, and all that. So why not treat yourself to one of our sponges, grab your fave base layer and follow our four easy steps.


4 steps to use a beauty sponge (MUA style)

Step 1 How to use a makeup sponge

1. Wet

Let’s start by getting one thing straight…

A makeup blender can be used dry. In some scenarios (e.g. if you’re wanting full coverage) a dry sponge can even be the better option. But in most cases, we’d recommend wetting it first. This makes the sponge much easier to use and helps to create a light, even and natural complexion.

Simply hold the sponge under a running tap until it’s fully soaked and doubled in size.

Made from clever Aqua-GrowTM foam, the sponge is designed to absorb the water (instead of your product)  – therefore allowing more product to be applied to the skin and creating a smoother finish.


DOL Tip – the temperature of the water doesn’t really matter. It won’t affect the effectiveness of your beauty sponge in any way. But a great hack is to use cool water in the summer, to help refresh and invigorate the skin. And warm water in the winter to make your product more malleable.


Step 2 How to use a makeup sponge

2. Squeeze

Fan of the ‘cakey’ look?

No, we didn’t think so. Too much water can dilute your makeup and mess with its texture – leading to a heavy and patchy finish. So it’s really important to get rid of any excess before you start.

The goal is to ensure your blender is damp rather than dripping wet.

Once it’s fully saturated, turn off the tap and start gently squeezing the sponge in the palm of your hand. The foam is fairly delicate, and ‘wringing’ can sometimes lead to small rips and tears. So try not to be too forceful. And wrap the sponge in a clean towel to soak up any excess surface water.

Makeup blender doubling in size

Step 3 How to use a makeup sponge

3. Bounce

Your blending sponge should now be the ideal size and damp enough to begin.

For makeup in a compact, you can dip the sponge into the pan. But for most liquids and creams, we’d recommend applying the product directly to your face and dabbing the sponge into it there.

The trick is to ‘bounce’ the sponge.

Dragging or swiping it across your face will simply move the makeup around and create streaks. Instead, you should gently bounce it in tiny movements – using a ‘stippling’ motion to press the makeup into your skin. This will create the lush, seamless finish that you’re hoping for.

Use the rounded end to blend large areas of the face (e.g. the cheeks and forehead) and the slanted tip to blend product into those tricky hard-to-reach areas, such as under the eyes and nose.


DOL Tip – If you’re doing a full face of makeup, you may find that your makeup sponge starts to dry out during the application process. So it’s worth keeping a spray bottle of water to hand. In between each product in your routine, give it a little spritz and ensure it’s at ‘optimum dampness’.


Step 4 How to use a makeup sponge

4. Wash

No doubt you’ve heard it a million times before, but let us make it a million and one…You 100% need to clean your beauty tools.

This is particularly important for a blending sponge. Due to the absorbency of the foam, it’s very easy for bacteria to grow and multiply. So no matter how busy or rushed you are, if you want to avoid breakouts, don’t even think about skipping this step. Your skin won’t thank you for it.

Various cleansers are available to buy online. But honestly, warm water and soap work just as well.

After each use, simply apply a small amount of soap to your palm. Swirl and compress the sponge, adding water to work up a lather and massage in the soap. Then, rinse it thoroughly to remove all suds, and leave it to dry in a clean and well-ventilated area – ready for your next application.

Beauty sponges available at Dose of Lashes

Perfect your technique with the BADDIE BLENDER

The key to mastering the art of the ‘bounce’ is to keep practising. And, of course, a quality sponge.

At DOL, we currently have two sizes to choose from – the BADDIE BLENDER CURVED and BADDIE BLENDER XL. Both of which are super soft, ergonomically designed and guaranteed to create a seamless selfie-ready complexion every time.

Whether you’re a beauty sponge virgin or have experimented with them before, our four-step technique – wet, squeeze, bounce, wash – is easy to perfect. Zero need for an MUA. So why not treat yourself and have a go?

And remember, you’re always welcome to get in touch. Whether you want further advice on how to use a makeup sponge like a pro or the best BADDIE BLENDER to create your favourite look, just fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

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