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Article: How to bake makeup

How to bake makeup - Dose of Lashes

How to bake makeup

Want to give your makeup staying power? Make sure it sticks around from am to pm?

If you’re sick of it creasing or fading throughout the day, it’s time to start baking!

Don’t worry. No need to don a pinny or grab the nearest rolling pin.

Baking makeup is a tried-and-tested technique, well known in the drag community. Think less Mary Berry, more RuPaul. Essentially, it involves applying a thick layer of foundation and concealer, followed by a translucent powder – which ‘bakes’ or sets the makeup and creates a lasting finish.

The idea of caking on makeup (queen style) may not sound too great. But we guarantee it’ll leave you with fresh-looking filter-like skin.

Even if you’re an absolute beginner – for flawless, profesh results, all you have to do is follow our simple recipe.


A recipe for seamless, long-lasting makeup

3, 2, 1 – let’s bake.



  • a moisturising eye cream
  • liquid concealer
  • your favourite foundation
  • light, translucent setting powder
  • faith in the process



Bake ‘n’ Blend Set by Dose of Lashes

DOL set for baking makeup

This is everything you’ll ever need to create a flawless makeup base. The set includes:


  • 2 heart-shaped powder puffs

One large, one small. Both essential to reach all areas and bake your makeup like a pro.


  • 2 makeup blenders

One XL, one curved – allowing you to achieve blended, blemish-free perfection. 



Step 1: Prime and prep your skin

Arguably, this is the most important step. Preparation is the key to success, and all that.

To stop it from looking dry and crepey, you’ve got to give your skin a little TLC.

Be sure to moisturise your entire face, paying particular attention to the soft, delicate area under your eyes. This will help to plump it up and minimise the appearance of any fine lines. The more hydrated your skin is, the better it will look (and feel) once you’ve applied your makeup.

Remember to give your skincare products plenty of time to soak in before moving on to Step 2.


Step 2: Be generous with the base layers

Next up is your foundation and concealer.

Apply a generous layer of foundation all over your face and use a circular motion to blend this in with the makeup blender. Once it’s evenly distributed, and you’re happy with the coverage, ditch the foundation for a liquid concealer – and swipe a thick… alarmingly thick… layer of this under the eyes.

Blend the concealer in with the sponge, until there are absolutely no creases – and repeat…

Yep, you read right: repeat the process and add another layer of concealer. It may feel like a s*** tonne of makeup (because technically, it is!) – but trust us, the results are 100% worth it.


Makeup baking


Step 3: Powder your nose (and the rest of your face)

To start the process of baking, the next step is to put on your translucent powder.

First, add a light dusting over your entire face. Use the larger powder puff to do this and only apply very slight pressure – so that you don’t accidentally move, smudge or lift any of your makeup.

Then, grab the smaller powder puff and apply a generous amount of powder under the eyes, on the forehead, the chin, around the mouth etc. Pretty much anywhere prone to creasing. Don’t rub it in, though – just let it sit on top of your makeup. If you look like your face is covered in flour, you’re doin’ it right.


Step 4: Bake

This is when the magic happens.

Relax and allow the powder to sit for a bit. It doesn’t take long – 5-10 minutes, max. Just enough time for it to soak up any excess oil and for your body heat to ‘bake’ the makeup underneath.

DOL Tip: Don’t just sit and twiddle your thumbs for 10 minutes. This is the perfect moment to work on a different feature, such as your eye makeup. The loose powder from the baking process can actually help, catching any eyeshadow fallout and allowing you to sweep it away without smudging.


Step 5: Dust yourself down

Once it’s had ample time to do its job, the only thing left to do is remove the loose powder.

Take the same large powder puff and simply dust away the excess using a gentle flicking motion. Then blend using a gentle circular motion, to smooth it out and prevent any harsh edges.

And that’s it – done! You’re fully baked and looking beautiful.


Powder puffs available at Dose of Lashes


Be the Paul Hollywood of makeup baking

The key to becoming a baking powder makeup pro? Practice!

And, of course, the DOL bake ‘n’ blend set.

Equipped with our powder puffs and makeup blenders, this simple five-step recipe is easy to perfect. Even if you’ve never set foot in the kitchen before! So why not treat yourself and have a go?

Set aside a bit of time and bake yourself to perfection.

And remember, you’re always welcome to get in touch. Whether you’d like further advice on how to bake makeup or have a question about our products, just fill out our online contact form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

We’d also love to see your baked goodies. Once you’ve perfected the technique, snap a few selfies and tag us on Insta. #doseoflashes. #nofilterneeded.


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