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Article: Applying false eyelashes 101

Applying false eyelashes 101 - Dose of Lashes

Applying false eyelashes 101

Applying false eyelashes

How to apply false eyelashes.

Five words that are typed into Google at least 1000 times every month.

Why? Because in terms of difficulty (or at least, intimidation), putting on falsies – and getting them to stick – is up there with the likes of winged liner and contouring. It can be fiddly and frustrating, and when you’re getting ready to go ‘out out’, can leave you in a blind panic (with smudged mascara).

The unfortunate reality is, even if you follow the instructions, many factors can affect successful lash application – including eye shape, trimming technique, glue choice, or even how you get them out of the box. So to help, here at Dose of Lashes, we’re taking you back to false lash school 101.

Swot up on our super-simple hacks, and may your corners never ping up again.


6 tips to apply fake eyelashes like a pro


1. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Applying false eyelashes should be the last step in your MUA routine.

Before that, you’ve gotta do some prep work. Start with the eyeshadows and creams – perfect that halo eye first. Then, primp your natural lashes with an eyelash curler. And apply a very thin layer of your favourite mascara; preferably in the same colour as your strip lashes so they blend in nicely.

DOL Tip: Hold your eyelash curler under a hairdryer for a few seconds before using it. The heat encourages the natural lashes to curl (and stay curled) – a bit like a short-term perm. Just be sure to do this before putting on mascara, otherwise, your lashes may bend a little too far


2. Handle with care

Listen up, because this is vital information. Even if you’re rushing to make pre-drinks at bae’s, this is not the time to be heavy-handed. False eyelashes need to be treated with care and respect.

To remove them ‘correctly’ from the packaging, gently tease them away using tweezers – and always go from the outer edge. That way, if you accidentally damage a section, it doesn’t matter. The chances are, you’ll be trimming that bit off to fit your eyes anyway.

Pull them out from the inner edge and any slight kinks could = disaster.


False lashes available at Dose of Lashes

3. Measure up

Fake eyelashes are not a one-size-fits-all kinda thing. They’ll probably need a little adjusting.

Rest the strip along your lash line, so that the inner corner is lined up with the start of your natural lashes. From the outer edge, count 2-4 lashes in (depending on the size of your eye) and create a little pinch mark using tweezers where you need to cut. Then, turn the strip upside down and snip off the excess.

DOL Tip: Never throw away your off-cuts. For extra va va voom, layer them on top of the strip at the outer corner. Or add them to your natural lashes to create a simple cat-eye effect.


4. Make sure they’re curly

Sick of your falsies popping up at the corners? Agreed, it’s not a good look.

Sometimes this can happen because they’re too flat – and there’s an easy way to avoid it. Once you’ve taken them out of the box, roll your false lashes around your finger – or the handle of a medium-sized makeup brush – and hold them there for a minute.

This helps to reshape the strip so that it’ll hug the curve of your eyelid, making it easier to apply and more likely that it’ll stay in place.


Essential tools for applying false lashes

5. Invest in the right tools

Apparently, a good workman never blames his tools. But when it comes to applying false lashes, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Don’t make things harder for yourself, babe.

First off, forget about messy glues and fiddly magnets and accidentally sealing your eyelid shut. What you need instead is our 2 in 1 Dream Liner – an innovative eyeliner that doubles up as an adhesive. Just draw a thin line, give it a few seconds to get extra tacky, pop on your lashes and – hand on heart – they won’t budge.

Unless you were born with the innate coordination of a heart surgeon, we’d also recommend using tweezers or a lash applicator to position the strip and squeeze the lashes into place.


6. Mirror, mirror – on the table

The hardest part about putting on fake lashes is making sure they’re positioned just right – flush against your lash line, without getting tangled up in your naturals. You don’t want any skin gaps.

Rather than using a mirror on the wall (and repeatedly poking yourself in the eye), it can help to put a mirror on the table instead. Angle it so that it’s almost perpendicular to your face and look down. This will extend your eyelid as much as possible, making it easier to position the strip correctly.

DOL Tip: Don’t close your eyes completely. Not only does this make the application much harder (you can’t see what you’re doing!), it also changes the shape of your eye – and can create further ‘positioning’ issues. It may be difficult at first, but it’s worth resisting the urge.


Fake eyelashes available at DOL


Practice makes perfect

The key to mastering the art of applying false eyelashes is to keep trying. And, of course, having some quality strip lashes and lash accessories in your makeup bag.

If you're new to strip lashes, we'd recommend starting with a more natural looking lash, Miss Fox or Trippin would be perfect. 

If you're looking to start your false lash journey, why not shop our collection, stock up and put aside an hour to practice?

Additional info can be found in our ‘Ultimate Guide to Strip Lashes’, along with further insider tips on how to get the best results. It’s worth having a quick read through these as well. But trust us – even if you’re a klutz when it comes to makeup, once you put our hacks into practice, you’ll soon be a klutz with perfect false lashes. No MUA required.

You’re always welcome to get in touch with our team, too.

Whether you’d like extra advice on how to apply false lashes like a pro or have a question about the strip eyelashes in our range, simply fill out our online form and we’ll get back to you ASAP. We’re always happy to help.


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